Circle Time
Circle Time

Teaching and Mentoring

Steve has mentored students for over 30 years, in a variety of settings. In order to make this happen, he has had to develop communities of support where none existed, so that students received the maximum amount of support possible as they worked towards their future.

The rewards have been great. Over the years, for example, one of his students received a student EMMY award; another is a lead reporter for a major market television station. This dedication to relationships and mentorships continues today, no matter what classroom he is in or how long he is there.

Classroom Experience

Regular Classroom Teaching

Second Grade Teacher
Chadwell Elementary School, Metro Nashville Public Schools, Nashville, TN — 2022-Present

Classroom teacher responsible for kindergarten instruction for 26 students in a Title I school.

Kindergarten Teacher
Ruby Major and Hickman Elementary Schools, Metro Nashville Public Schools, Nashville, TN — 2021-Present

Classroom teacher responsible for kindergarten instruction for 14-20 students in two Title I schools.

Fifth Grade Elementary; Sixth Grade Math / Science Teacher
Pittsburg Unified School District, Pittsburg, CA — 2007-08

Classroom teacher responsible for math and science instruction for 65 sixth grade math/science students and then regular self-contained classroom instruction for 29 fifth grade students in two Title I schools in the Pittsburg Unified School District.

Intern Teaching

University of Michigan/Burns Park Elementary School
Ann Arbor, MI | 2005-06

Intern teaching for a full school year in a second grade class with 22 students. Taught all subjects. Intensive work in balanced literacy, including guided reading, writing workshop and word study, as well as math, science and social studies. Pioneered two technological, cross-curriculum, education projects, one for second grade, one for fourth grade.

Guest/Substitute Teaching

Metro Nashville Public Schools
Nashville, TN | 2009 and 2019—present | Grades PreK-4.
Brentwood Union School District
Brentwood, CA | 2006-07 | Grades K-8.
Ann Arbor Public Schools
Ann Arbor, MI | 2003-06 | Head Start through high school seniors.

Guest (substitute) teaching over a total of six years in the Metro Nashville, Brentwood Union, and Ann Arbor Public school districts. Coverage areas include AI/EMI/ EI/Autism special education; media centers and computer labs; secondary English and social studies; art and physical education; and Montessori and general elementary. Elementary schools in the Nashville area include Dodson, Lockeland, McGavock, Norman Binkley, Pennington, Ruby Major, Stanford Montessori, Thomas Edison, and Una.

Photo above: Circle Time in Ann Arbor, 2005.

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