Feargal and Fergus at the Window



Fergus the Beagle (Ferga Ferg) was born with his brothers Feargal and Fred to Ginger Spice Girl and Buddy Bear Castro in Brentwood, CA, 8-Mar-07. While his brothers have crossed the bridge, Fergus is going strong at 12-and-a-half.

Prince Charlie the Court Jester and his littermate brother, Prince of the Realm Goose, are almost five years old. They are basset hound/treeing coonhound mixes and keep things always lively around the manse.

Last, but most assuredly not least, is His Imperial Royal Majesty, The Roux. His Dibs rules the Manse and all His Domains with a paw of iron. He vociferously enforces the rights and privileges of the Sovereign and brooks no insurrection or mild inconvenience on the part of the two kitchen churls, humans Steve and Frank, who are required to be on hand at every moment in case His Majesty is attacked by an empty tummy which needs to be filled or if there is someone offensively using the public thoroughfare in front of the Manse without His Majesty’s approval. The Roux is 8 years old.

Several larger-than-life, greatly loved hounds have unfortunately crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

Bayley Murphey Beagle, 12 1/2, born 20-Aug-1994 in Kemp, TX — crossed 2-Mar-2007 in Brentwood, CA.

Fred Murphey O’Dougal Beagle, 5 1/2, born 9-Mar-2007 in Brentwood, CA — crossed 20-Aug-2012 in Nashville, TN.

Feargal Murphey O’Dougal Beagle, 5 1/2, born 9-Mar-2007 in Brentwood, CA — crossed 15-Oct-2015 in Nashville, TN.

• Court Jester Bosco Corgi, 8, birth unknown; crossed 20-Mar-2018 in Hermitage, TN.

• Queen of Our Hearts Miss Sascha, the Grande Dame of the Imperial Manse. She was bossy, got what she wanted and let the boys have it whenever they even breathed wrong. She was 12 1/2 years old when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge 31-Jul-19 in Donelson, TN.

• And a best friend and favorite girl, Miss Tessa, a chocolate lab who was abused and therefore had to get through life on three legs. Which she handled just fine, thank you very much. Birth unknown; crossed 17-Nov-2018 in Hermitage, TN.

Photo above: Feargal and Fergus at the Window.

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