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“Witnesses saw Japanese soldiers strip a victim naked and direct German shepherds to bite the sensitive areas of his body. The dogs not only ripped open his belly but jerked out his intestines along the ground for a distance.“

The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II

A.: Iris Chang
ISBN 0-465-06835-9
P.: 1997, Basic Books, New York.
Pg.: 286
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“In the Nazi version of history and politics, Hitler 'figured as a redeemer who would save the German nation and lead a godly realm to an ultimate triumph over evil, light over darkness.' By exploiting the supernatural imaginary, Hitler tied his political mission into something out of the Book of Revelation, as one 'divinely chosen' to create the Third Reich.“

Hitler's Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich

A.: Eric Kurlander
LoC 2017005559
P.: 2017, Yale Books, New Haven.
Pg.: 422
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“Let us focus on the great turning point in global power relations that the First World War accelerated.“

The United States and Fascist Italy: The Rise of American Finance in Italy

A.: Gian Giacomo Migone
ISBN 978-1-107-00245=6
P.: 1980, 2015, Cambridge University Press, New York.
Pg.: 405
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“Child as he was, he was desperate with hunger, and reckless with misery. He rose from the table; and advancing to the master, basin and spoon in hand, said, somewhat alarmed at his own temerity: 'Please, sir, I want some more.'“

Oliver Twist or The Parish Boy's Progress

A.: Charles Dickens
I.: George Cruikshank
ISBN 9780141322438
P.: 1838, Richard Bentley, London.
Pg.: 391
Sc.: Gutenberg.Org
S.: «Powell's»
F.: «TCM»


“It appears, then, that the Eatanswill people, like the people of many other small towns, considered themselves of the utmost and most mighty importance, and that every man in Eatanswill, conscious of the weight that attached to his example, felt himself bound to unite, heart and soul, with one of the two great parties that divided the town—the Blues and the Buffs.“

The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club

A.: Boz (Charles Dickens)
I.: Phiz (Hablot Knight Browne); Robert Seymour; Robert William Buss
ISBN 9780812967272
P.: 1836, Chapman and Hall, London.
Pg.: 776
Sc.: Gutenberg.Org
L.: «Powell's»
F.: «iMDB»