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Steve is the author of «Deadly Turbulence, his first aviation book», and is currently planning, researching, and writing his second.

Deadly Turbulence: The Air Safety Lessons of Braniff Flight 250 and Other Airliners, 1959-1966 was published 13-Mar-2014 from McFarland Publishing.

The book takes a detailed look at five accidents/near disasters, especially the 1966 destruction of Braniff International Airways Flight 250 in Nebraska. Nearly two years of inquiry helped advance the understanding of jet operations in severe weather and saw the first use of Cockpit Voice Recorder technology in an aviation accident investigation. In addition, a University of Chicago professor, Dr. Tetsuya "Ted" Fujita, conducted a more intensive investigation of the weather system which downed Flight 250. Over time, Dr. Fujita's already extensive knowledge of thunderstorms and tornadoes led to his creation of the Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity, the F-scale that we hear about so frequently during storm season.

The five flights the book is most concerned with are:

Airline Flight Aircraft Registration Date Location Fatalities
Pan American World Airways 115 Boeing 707-121 N712PA February 3, 1959 Over the North Atlantic 0/127
Northwest Airlines 705 Boeing 720-051B N724US February 12, 1963 Everglades, Florida 43/43
United Airlines 764 Boeing 720-022B N/A July 12, 1963 Over O'Neill, Nebraska 0/63
Eastern Air Lines 304 Douglas DC-8-21 N8607 February 25, 1964 Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana 58/58
Braniff International Airlines 250 BAC 1-11-203AE N1553 August 6, 1966 Near Falls City, Nebraska 42/42

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A retired public school educator, Steve fell in love with airliners at the age of five during a fateful encounter with a brand-new Pan Am 747. He and his partner Frank and their beagle, Fergus, and basset hounds, Roux and Sascha, and basset/beagle/corgi (bagle) Bosco, and basset/treeing coonhound Goose, live in Hermitage, Tennessee.